Lilydale – Warburton Weekend Rail Trail – 16 & 17 April 2016

Pat RyanNews

Some of you will get this twice as I have sent this from my Breeze list and the BUG list. Sorry, but 2 is better than none.

Due to popular demand, the Lilydale – Warburton weekend rail trail ride will take place again this year and on April 16/17th.
For those unfamiliar with it, I ran the first one 2 years ago for my Breeze ladies and Russell had a lovely time being sag wagon for 10 women.
Last year, we evened the numbers a little (there were still more females) and some partners came along, as well as some BUGs.

Basically, we drive to Lilydale Saturday morning, park the cars near the police station and then ride 40kms to Warburton, eating, drinking and socializing on the way. Once we get to Warburton, you can do some retail therapy, do more riding, relax, sleep, whatever you want. My husband, Russell, is the sag wagon and carries one smallish bag per rider for the night. We stay the night at the hotel in Warburton and have tea there also. We breakfast at a cafe down town in the morning and then ride back to Lilydale. The rail trail is gravel and better suited to hybrid or MTBs, although 2 road bikes went last year. It is undulating with some longish climbs, but not steep – trains couldn’t go up big hills.

The hotel has varying rooms from single to family, some en-suite, some shared facilities. I have booked the 6 en-suite rooms across the front of the hotel again with the Yarra River view and it’s first in gets one. Donna and Colleen want theirs again and Russell and I need one so that leaves 4, one of which sleeps 5. The others sleep 2 or 3. The hotel is the Alpine Retreat, phone no 59662411 if you are booking a room. You can also look at and book rooms online.

For the last 2 years, we have ridden roughly together, stopping to regroup up at varying points. From last years comments, some would prefer to just ride off and do their own thing. This is fine, provided you realize Breeze or BUG insurance applies only if you are with a ride leader. I am happy to take anyone who wants to ride in a group (with Russell as support) or anyone who hasn’t done the trail before and doesn’t want to get lost. We can have riders doing both and meet up in Warburton.

Please ask if you want any more info at this point and if you already know you are coming, let me know.